Special Episode 11 CrossOver SportsCast

Sean interviews former star athlete and current classmate Cliff Fewing (AKA Clint Fenwigs, find out how he got the name right here) on this special episode of CrossOver SportsCast.

This episode takes place post Jets vs. Canucks game, on the evening of Wednesday, November 18, at the Boston Pizza in downtown Winnipeg, and over the course of more than a couple pitchers of beer.

Rated PG 13 for coarse language. Listener discretion is advised.



CrossOver SportsCast Episode 10

In the tenth episode of CrossOver SportsCast, the boys talk hockey…surprisingly. They break down a Jets win that seemed to be a long time coming.

Also, they have a special guest on at the end of the episode, so make sure you tune in and stick around to find out who that is. Hint? It involves beer and a public place… What’s in this episode is just a teaser, however. If you want the full conversation (and I know you will), make sure to check back right here in the next couple days when Sean posts the full “special edition of CrossOver SportsCast.”

As for Sean and Jordan, they’ll still be around. This may be there final episode for about a month, but they plan on reviving CrossOver in the new year.

Thanks to all who have listened over the semester!

CrossOver SportsCast Episode 9

The Bombers are officially eliminated from the the 2015 Grey Cup playoffs, which Winnipeg is hosting. Sean called it last week.

This week, though, he’s struggling to talk.

The guys break down a couple Jets games, and talk about the big hit Byfulglien laid on Gallagher during the Habs game.

They even find some time to debate the finer points of Star Wars.

Check the 9th week of CrossOver SportsCast right here.

CrossOver SportsCast Episode 8

The guys throw some heat Evander Kane’s way after he appeared in the news once again.
This week, there’s a heavy Winnipeg Jets focus, as the guys discuss the team, specifically Blake Wheeler and his point streak.

Sean has officially called an end to the Bombers’ 2015 season after the loss to the Redblacks last week. But it’s not all dismal. There are some bright spots on the team despite their utter failure this year. Find out what that is in episode 8 of CrossOver SportsCast.

Also, they’ll talk to a world champion soccer player…well, not really, but close.

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CrossOver SportsCast Ep. 7

Sean and Jordan (or Jordaniel, as Sean refers to him as) start with Star Wars, and then it all goes downhill from there. They talk beer, food, table hockey vs foosball (and even invent a new game)…pretty much everything but hard hitting sports news. But that’s just how they roll.

Oh yeah, they also talk a little bit about strippers.

Make sure you check out the seventh (I know, I can’t believe the internet hasn’t kicked them out too) episode of CrossOver SportsCast.

CrossOver SportsCast Ep. 6

Beer and sports go perfectly together, right? And the combination always leads to friendly debate, correct?


This episode, the guys are at Sean’s apartment talking sports over some beers like men… Well, not really, though, because Jordan wasn’t participating in beer drinking. But we forgive him.

In episode six, the guys break down the Bombers’ big win against the BC Lions. They also talk CFL playoffs and the possibility of the Bombers making it in.

They talk some Rifles, as they’ve made their way into the CJFL playoffs, and they touch on the Jets’ successful start to the season.

Check out this week’s episode, guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.

CrossOver SportsCast Ep. 5

Catch all your local sports news in this episode. Sean makes a big announcement regarding the Winnipeg Rifles, the boys talk Bombers, specifically Lirim Hajrullahu and his bad day. They’ll also give you key information about the Jets’ roster, so listen in to find out what that is.

Sean and Jordan kick off the show with a word from their weekly sponsor, this week it’s MeUndies, and hilarity ensues.

Tune into what could be their best episode yet.

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